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Exclusive jurisdiction

A statute conferring exclusive jurisdiction must clearly indicate the Legislature's intent to abrogate common law rights. The Court held that none of the statutory provisions offered by Forest exhibited this type of clear indication. Section 26.131 of the Water Code provides that the RRC is solely responsible for the control and disposition.

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Jurisdiction. Constitutional Court: The highest court on all constitutional matters. Matters are referred to it from the Supreme Court of Appeal or the High Court. Certain constitutional matters are reserved for exclusive jurisdiction of this court. It is seated in Johannesburg and matters are heard by at least 8 judges. Supreme Court of Appeal.

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An obvious example would be federal law disclosure claims under the Securities and Exchange Act which are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal courts. Moreover, there may be issues about the ability of the company to avoid federal diversity jurisdiction even with respect to state law claims, especially in a situation where there.

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The attorney general's application "seeks to engage the court in exceeding its legitimate sphere of activity and to interfere with the exclusive jurisdiction of the House over the exercise of.

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a party with enough bargaining power will be best served by a clause that provides for exclusive jurisdiction in its home country's court or the courts (if they can be trusted) where its counterparty has sufficient assets that is expressly made for its benefit, and gives it the option of commencing proceedings in any other jurisdiction that is.

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