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Skyrim smithing perks id

So im getting a very weird bug with smithing when I want to craft ebony armor or weapons. Even though I have the perk the regular ebony armor and weapons in the game won't appear on the crafting menu. Some other items will appear though such as the horse ebony armor from convinient horses. I also got this earlier in my playthrough with <b>dwarven</b> equipment but.

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Glass Smithing is the third perk in the light armor branch of the Smithing skill's perk tree. Unlocking it requires a Smithing skill of 70, and the Advanced Armors perk must have already been unlocked. Glass Smithing allows both Glass Armor and Glass Weapons to be crafted. The Glass Smithing perk also causes tempering of Glass weapons and armor. This mod changes the Steel Smithing perk into a Basic Smithing perk that affects all the low level weapons and armor you will most likely find and be using on your character in the early stages of playing the game. All the. Yes, but too lazy to look it up. It's a hidden perk, so just find the name of the perk and add it. But again, too lazy to.

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Now, let's learn the necessary console commands and Perk Ids to do this. How to Open Skyrim's Cheat Console Push the ~tilde key next to the 1 on your keyboard. ... Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing all at 100 with all perks, + 9900 modifier for a total 10000 1000000 gold and 25000 carry weight No map markers added,.

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50 Hard Steel Smithing: Can create Scaled, Plate and Nordic armor at a forge or anvil. 50 Orcish Smithing: Can create Orcish armor and weapons at a forge or anvil. 60 Gird for War: Upon learning this perk, increases the effectiveness of all skills by 50% for 60 minutes.

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